1. Peat diggers in Ireland and elsewhere have occasionally unearthed objects, usually made of wood, that contained some kind of greasy, fatty material with a “distinctive, pungent and slightly offensive smell”. Butter. Centuries-old butter.
    I’ve started a new podcast series that I hope people will find interesting. The first episode is up now, and I hope to do a new one every two weeks. Comments welcome.
  2. Not exactly sure how to embed a video from this site; just watch it, if this sort of thing interests you.

    Danish photographer and filmmaker Simon Ladefoged captures a never-before-documented dimension of Noma, revealing what the chefs at the award-winning eatery cook for their own pre-service meal. Famed for artful Nordic dishes involving delicate, laborious work such as preening deep-fried moss and drying wafers of scallop, Copenhagen’s gastronomic mecca re-energizes its chefs with the daily ritual of a boisterous communal staff lunch, held at 5pm before the evening’s guests start pouring in.
    Thanks to @anissahelou for the link.
  3. Science and Food and Science

    Promoting knowledge of science through food, and food through science. Who knew? I mean, I didn’t, and that’s a shame, but this one flew beneath my super-sensitive trend-radar too.

    The picture (from Amy Scattergood) shows Rene Redzepi and Lars Williams blending some live crickets for a sauce, Which would have been nice to see, and taste. No matter, Amy blogged their talk, which is almost as good. How I’d like to be there for the whole series.